Samsung Gear S3

Timeless outside. Revolutionary inside.
The Gear S3 is easy and effortless to use. It is built for you to go days without needing your phone or to recharge. The Gear S3 Frontier is built for a pioneering spirit to take adventures as they come and the Gear S3 Classic is a forward-thinking choice that offers a touch of luxury. Turn the bezel to respond to calls, read messages, to go to the app you need. Go for a run, a round of golf, go exploring on your bike. Gear S3 has a built in GPS and it gives you the freedom to explore. Step up on the elliptical, row your way to health, take steps forward or cycle away. 
Your Gear S3 auto-tracks six types of exercises from the get-go Track you steps, monitor your heart rate and more. Set goals, post results and check leader board. The Gear S3 is resistant to water and dust. Not suitable for swimming or diving. Sync your Gear with the Samsung Health App,
There is no integration available for Apple (IOS users) and S-health on the Fitvault app for us to receive your data automatically. 
This is a global restriction between the two companies. 
Sync your Samsung Watch with the FitVault app through Samsung Health to log your daily steps and calories.
Log 10 000 steps per day or burn 300 calories in a single session and you will have an active day.
Here’s how it works:
1. Download the app: Download the FitVault app (available on Android) on your smartphone and 
    follow the instructions to create a profile.
2. Click on "Link a Fitness Device” in the FitVault app. 
3. Click on “Link via Samsung Health” in the FitVault app.
4. Authorise FitVault to read and write Samsung Health data. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and
    select “Daily step count” and “Exercise”.
Once your device is linked, FitVault will send your fitness activities to Multiply to allocate your
Active Dayz™ earned. You will need to sync it regularly to earn your active day.
Samsung Gear S3