Garmin Forerunner 301

Discontinued (still a supported device but no longer being sold)

This device uses calories to allocate your Active Dayz™

This versatile personal trainer adds a digital, coded heart rate monitor to the list of Forerunner features and supports multiple sport profiles for running, biking and other sports. The Forerunner 301™'s heart rate monitor continuously tracks and records your heart rate so you can see whether you are training too hard or not hard enough. Forerunner 301™ also displays your current heart rate zone, a range of heart beats per minute that helps you gauge the intensity of your workout and train more effectively. Forerunner 301™ has three separate sport modes for running, biking and another activity. Just press and hold the mode button to switch between sports and record your run, ride, hike or other workout. You can also use Forerunner 301™ to train for your next duathlon or triathlon with the multi-sport setting. Conveniently upload your data to Garmin Connect™.