Are all devices and apps covered?

No, but we cover a broad range of devices and apps. The list of our registered devices and apps are available here, including the recommended devices per activity.

Will I know which device to use for activities such as yoga?

This list of Multiply-compatible devices has the devices separated per activity so that you can choose the device that works best for your intended activity.  

Why do I need to sign a declaration when I link my device?

You need to give Multiply permission to share your activity data.

What if I have problems with registering my device on the manufacturer’s website?

You can contact the manufacturer directly to resolve any registration issues.

I am on Momentum Medical Scheme. Do they pay for my device?

You can get a reimbursement of the cost of your device from your HealthSaver, provided there are funds available. Submit the proof of payment to the Momentum Medical Scheme call centre.

Must devices have heart rate monitors?

No, there are different types of devices that exist. You can have a normal tracking device without a heart rate monitor too – this device will then record steps which will count toward an Active Day if you reach 10,000 steps per day.

Do you only sell compatible devices on the online shop?

No there are non-compatible devices sold on the online shop as well. However, you will clearly see which devices are compatible when you search on the online shop – we specifically indicate this.

I’m training with a device, do I need to upload data to get my HealthReturns? Will there be adjustments to my HealthReturns if I don’t upload in time?

You need to make sure that your data is up to date on a regular basis, in particular at the end of the month. The reason is that your Momentum product discount, and cashback on Health returns are based on the activity data i.e having an Healthy Heart Score, your Multiply Status level as well as your Active Dayz™ or the results of your Fitness assessment in the past month.

I participated in the Comrades Marathon, how many Active Dayz™ will I earn?

Any registered event, irrespective of the type or duration, counts towards one Active Day.
The good news is, the Comrades Marathon is one of our approved high-endurance elite events where you can earn more points in addition to your active day point.

What if I registered for an event but could not participate due to an injury?

You can only earn an Active Day if you participated in and completed an event.

Why are there no calories for Freestyle and Gym on certain TomTom watches?

Calories for Freestyle and Gym will only show if a heart rate measurement is available. (Refer to the TomTom user manual).

Hence when no heart rate measurement is available, calories are not shown for freestyle and gym activities.

Why doesn’t Multiply allocate my Active Dayz™ based on calories as my device is showing calories?

Certain devices will allow us to track your calories, while others allow us to track your steps.

Some devices has the functionality to record daily calorie burn, we do not use daily calorie data to allocate Active Dayz™. Access our find a device page where the steps  or calories  icon next to each device will indicate what we use to allocate your Active Dayz™.

You can still get an Active Day based on your steps.

How will I get my Active Dayz™ if Multiply gets both my steps and calories?

Where we can use both steps and calories for a device, we will allocate your Active Day based on the first activity that we receive that qualifies you for an Active Day. For example, let’s say you walked 10,000 steps during the day and burned 300 calories in the morning in an exercise session. If we receive your calories first, your Active Day will be based on your calories. If we receive your steps first, your Active Day will be based on your steps.

Link a device: How do I go about doing this?

Login and go to Health > Active Dayz >Link a device to link your device. Please note that you link your device’s brand (e.g. Garmin) and not your specific device (e.g. Garmin Vivoactive). This means any device of the specific brand will be automatically linked, provided the device is on our supported list of devices.

Link a device: The system doesn’t ask me for my user credentials to access my device’s website?

This depends on your browser settings. It may be that you have set your settings to remember your username and password.
If you have accessed the device’s website before, your browser will not ask you again for the credentials, and will go directly to the device’s website.

I do not see the latest devices on your list?

We currently support a wide range of devices, but we’re not supporting all devices at this stage. We are continuously endeavouring to update our list to meet more needs.

I just linked my device, but cannot see my Active Dayz™, what should I do? 

Multiply receives your events data regularly from your device manufacturer. The time intervals vary according to the manufacturer. 
We should be receiving your events data within one hour for most manufacturers. However, some manufacturers can take up to 6 hours.

How do I get a device?

You can buy a device from the Multiply online shop, a manufacturer or use an activity app on your smartphone. Remember, you can still earn an Active Day with a gym visit or logging an event through Entrytime or FitVault

Can I get a refund on a device I bought from the Multiply online shop if it is not compatible for tracking Active Dayz™? 

Our full list of Multiply supported devices is available here. Alternatively you may purchase a new device that is supported by Multiply from the online shop. Unfortunately we will not be able to refund you if your device is not supported.

If I have a device that’s not supported, can you make it compatible?

We could definitely consider supporting it, however it all depends on how many users have the same request and the process may take some time.

How do I link my TomTom profile to Strava for active days?

You can automatically upload your activities to Strava from TomTom MySports Connect:

  1. Go to tomtom.com/app/settings/exporters.
  2. Click the "+" icon next to the exporter you wish to add.
  3. To configure automatic export to Strava, go to Select your Sports Sites, select Strava, and log in to authorize the connection. Once an export option is added, any new activities will be sent to Strava for upload.
  4. Link your Strava account to your Multiply.