Why is there a new and improved fitness assessment (FA)?

At Multiply, we pride ourselves in staying relevant and up to date with the latest health and fitness research.
Based on recent findings, we are now able to more accurately predict your overall level of health-related fitness.
This is why we have made the decision to introduce a new Multiply FA in 2020.

What’s different in the new fitness assessment?

The new FA is more individualised than ever. It incorporates your height, weight and physical activity level, which gives you an accurate and sensitive fitness score. All tests have been included based on their known relation to your health. This is the main reason we have included a measure of strength, and why we have removed a few tests which are not good measures of your fitness.
The improved FA test consists of the following:​

  • Body composition - body fat % estimation
  • Muscle strength - handgrip and 1-minute push-up
  • Fitness tests - If you are pregnant or have an injury, you can do the 6-minute walking test or the arm ergometer test. Your health professional will choose the best-suited test for you. The preferred test is the step.

*Your best result will be used to calculate your fitness score.

Did you remove the peak flow measurement?

Yes, peak flow is not part of the enhanced fitness assessment protocol.

Why is flexibility not part of the enhanced fitness assessment?

We have only included tests which research has associated with morbidity or mortality. There is insufficient evidence to support the association between decreased flexibility and health outcomes. So, we have simplified the assessment and removed flexibility to create a score which better represents your health and fitness. Your health professional will advise if you need to improve your flexibility.

Why has the strength test been included?

Recent research has indicated that muscle strength is one of the most important measures when assessing cardiometabolic health. The difficulty in measuring musculoskeletal strength, as part of a fitness assessment, is that many of the traditional measures are technique-dependent, and penalise individuals on the basis of body size or length and are therefore less reliable and more difficult to interpret. For this reason, handgrip strength is the preferred measure used in research studies. We also know that handgrip strength correlates very well with overall body strength.

Why must I do a strength test and not crunches or push-ups, like Vitality?

A handgrip test more accurately estimates musculoskeletal strength than crunches or push-ups. We have included a 1-minute push-up test, as an alternative for our members, and the best of the two tests (handgrip and 1-minute push-up endurance test) will be used for the fitness assessment level.

Will Multiply change the fitness assessment again?

We want to be on top of the latest science when it comes to our members’ health and fitness. So, if new research proves that there are more accurate ways to determine fitness and strength, we will definitely upgrade the fitness assessment.

How is body fat percentage calculated?

Multiply body fat % gets calculated from your:
• Age 
• Gender
• Height
• Weight
• Waist circumference.

Will Multiply accept other methods to test body fat percentage?

No, we are giving members the option of two tests for body fat in the FA, and the best reading of the two tests will be used.

How much does the enhanced fitness assessment cost?

It costs R395, which you need to pay upfront to the health professional.

Why has the price increased so much?

Multiply purposefully chose a network of health professionals (physiotherapists and biokineticists) to complete the fitness assessment with its members. Their experience in exercise tests and knowledge of ways to improve specific areas linked to fitness and strength is invaluable. For only R395 and 30 minutes of your time, you will get your fitness level, which is now valid for a year, as well as expert advice from a health professional who would normally charge an hourly rate. This is so much more cost-effective than the current fitness assessment because you will only need to complete an assessment once a year, instead of twice - a saving of R45.

Can I claim the fitness assessment fee from my Momentum HealthSaver?

Yes, you can forward your invoice (with specifies that payment has been received) and proof of payment to [email protected], and the claim will be processed. Momentum Medical Scheme will then refund the member from the HealthSaver, provided there are sufficient savings in the account.

Can I use my Multiply Money card to pay for the fitness assessment, taken from my Momentum HealthSaver?

Yes, if the health professional has a card facility, you can swipe your Multiply Money card to pay the fitness assessment directly from your HealthSaver account.

How long does the test take to complete?

Approximately 30 minutes.

How many times per year can I do the test?

You can go as many times as you want, but you will have to pay for every fitness assessment you complete.

How will the points work?

You will earn Multiply points for the level of fitness you achieve. If you improve your fitness assessment level, you will receive the difference of points for the improvement. We will not take away points if your fitness assessment level drops.

I have a fitness assessment level and would like to redo the handgrip test only. Can I do single test within the fitness assessment?

No, the health professional needs to resubmit all the tests within the fitness assessment. So if you want to redo an element of the test, you will have to complete the entire fitness assessment again.

How does the fitness assessment validity work?

The fitness assessment will be valid for one year (12 months). If you complete your fitness assessment anytime during January 2020, January will be counted as the first month and your fitness assessment will be valid until 31 December 2020. If you redo the test to try and improve your score, we will use these results as your new score, which will expire 12 months from the month in which you complete the fitness assessment. So if you redo your fitness assessment in March 2020, your fitness assessment is valid until 28 February 2021.

How can I improve my fitness assessment level?

Please consult with your health professional on how to improve your fitness assessment level. As experts in the field, they will best assist you with what to focus on from different aspects of the fitness assessment to improve their level.

Who certified the test? Who is your partner in the fitness assessment protocol?

We have partnered with the Sport Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA).

Do you accept the Vitality fitness assessment results?

No, we do not accept the Vitality fitness assessment results, as it does not follow the same protocols (tests) that are done and the outcome of the fitness assessment level is therefore not the same. If you belong to both Vitality and Multiply, you will need to do both tests to quality for the points for both rewards programs.

My fitness assessment level dropped from the previous test. I don’t trust the enhanced fitness assessment.

It is very likely that the outcome of the two tests will differ because the tests are totally different. We are confident that the new FA test is relevant and valid – we can accurately predict your VO2 Max and have added a strength test, as it is directly linked to all causes of mortality and morbidity. You are welcome to check in with your health professional on how to improve your FA level, as they are experts in the field.

If you are concerned about your Momentum product rewards, the rule for HealthReturns and Myriad premium discounts still applies: the best result of your Active Dayz™ (AD) vs. FA level will be used to calculate your rewards.


Can the enhanced fitness assessment be used to unlock more AD?


How can I find and make a booking for a fitness assessment at a health professional?

Follow these steps:
1. Go to our website: www.multiply.co.za
2. Go to the health tab
3. Scroll down to fitness assessment
4. Find a health professional
You can search a registered health professional by region and town. From there, you can contact the health professional directly (via cell or email) or, if the health professional is linked to RecoMed, you can click to make the booking on their calendar.

How will I receive my fitness assessment report?

Multiply will email your fitness assessment report to you after the assessment is submitted by the health professional. The health professional will be able to view your report for discussion purposes. You can download your report from the multiply.co.za website as well.

I have an injury. Can I do the fitness assessment?

Components of the fitness assessment are body composition, strength test and a fitness test (either using a step, or walking or arm ergometer – the health professional will evaluate you and use the test that bests suits you). All of these components need to be done to get a fitness assessment level. If you are injured and cannot complete one of these components, it could impact your fitness assessment level. It is therefore best to first recover from the injury and then go for the fitness assessment.

How long before I can redo my fitness assessment?

After the submission of a fitness assessment, you will need to wait four (4) weeks before you can do another fitness assessment, as it takes time to improve.

So, if you complete a fitness assessment on 2 January 2020 and scored a level 3, you will pay R395 and your fitness assessment is valid until 31 December 2020. If you want to do another fitness assessment on 20 January 2020 to improve on your fitness level, the fitness assessment will not be accepted, as it is less than 4 weeks from the initial fitness assessment. If you complete and pay for another fitness assessment on 5 March 2020 and score a level 4, the fitness assessment will be accepted and it will be valid until 28 February 2021.

How do I pay for the fitness assessment?

Please check with the health professional when you make the booking, as they have various accepted payment methods.

The health professional also took my blood pressure during the fitness assessment. Can I use this for my Healthy Heart Score?

No, any biometric measurements done in the fitness assessment will stay within the fitness assessment calculation.

Can I do the fitness assessment and health assessment together?

Yes, but you will first do the FA and after submission, the health professional will ask if you want to do the HA as well. If you want to, your blood pressure (BP) reading, best of body fat percentage reading, smoker status and pregnancy information (if applicable) will be pulled through. Only the cholesterol and glucose readings then need to be filled in. You will then get a Healthy Heart Score (HHS) and your HHS report will be generated.
You will first have to confirm that your health professional can do the FA, as not all health professionals have the equipment, even though they are qualified to do it. The free benefit can be used for the HA, if it hasn’t already been used for the year.


Can I do single health assessment measurements at the health professional?

To get your Healthy Heart Score, you will need to submit a full set of health readings (i.e. blood pressure, total cholesterol, glucose, height, weight, waist circumference and smoker status). You can try to improve on a single health reading a month after the initial health assessment. The updated measurement will be sent to Multiply automatically and could affect the Healthy Heart Score.

Why Sport Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA)?

Since 1994 SSISA, in collaboration with University of Cape Town (UCT) Division of Exercise Science and Sports medicine, has been the leading research institution in sports performance, sports injury prevention, and promoting healthy living. They have the latest, leading academic research in health, fitness and sport medicine in South Africa. We are the only wellness and rewards partner associated with SSISA. Through this partnership, Multiply brings you the best solution.