How you determine the discount on my Myriad life insurance premium?

We use a combination of the following three factors to determine your Myriad life insurance premium discount:

Healthy Heart Score (Green, Amber or Red) - indicates your physical wellness. The parameters used to calculate your Healthy Heart Score are estimated body fat percentage, blood pressure, glucose (or HbA1c if available), total cholesterol (and HDL cholesterol if available) and smoking status.
Active Dayz™ or fitness assessment level - indicates your level of physical activity.
Multiply Premier status level – indicates your level of engagement with Multiply Premier.

Who is eligible for Health Returns?

Momentum Medical Scheme members, i.e. principal member, spouse/partner and adult dependents are all eligible for Health Returns. 

What if my broker is not accredited with Momentum? Will you acknowledge them?

Download and print this form and get your adviser to complete and sign it. You can then submit it via email to [email protected].

Will I still get product cover points if I am not the policy owner?  

Yes, as long as you are covered on a policy, you will get your product cover points. Keep your Momentum policies active and points will be awarded to you every year.

If I don’t have a broker, what can I do in order to earn my financial review and cover points?

Complete this form and send it to [email protected]. We will then get a financial adviser to contact you. Alternatively, contact us on 0861 111 818 to speak to a financial adviser.

I do not have all the products you require, so why penalize me if I don’t need these in my life right now?

We believe that an important step towards your financial wellness is to make sure that you are protecting and providing for every aspect of your life today and tomorrow, no matter where you are in life. The cover you have in place with Momentum will give you points.

Do I get points for all the products that I have?

No, you only earn points once for the category in which you have cover with Momentum, e.g. you cannot earn double points if you have both life and disability cover in the Risk category.