What is the purpose of this new unlocking feature? How does it benefit me?

Unlocking gives you choice to score points with Multiply the way you want to. So you can unlock the 240 points available across all three categories for the activities you love.

If I complete a fitness assessment in November 2019, can I earn 240 Active Dayz in 2020 without having to complete the other sub-categories?

No, your fitness assessment will only unlock points for the year it was completed in.

How many elite events do I need to complete to unlock in 2020?  

You only have to complete one elite event to unlock more points. The 240 points can then be earned with more Active Dayz™ or elite events for the rest of the year.

If I submit a Tiger Wheel & Tyre (TWT) safety check in 2019, will I unlock for 2020?

No, your TWT safety check will only unlock points for the year it was completed in.

If I submit a TWT safety check in 2020, how many Safe Dayz can I earn?

By submitting a TWT safety check, you unlock up to 240 points for Safe Dayz. The first 80 points are awarded for the TWT safety check, travelling and non-travelling Safe Dayz; while the rest of the points are only awarded for travelling Safe Dayz.

In which categories can I unlock in 2020?

  • In the Be Healthier category – by completing a fitness assessment or elite event
  • In the Be Safer category – by completing a TWT safety check

When can I unlock in 2020?

You can unlock anytime from 1 January 2020.

Can I unlock in Be on top of your finances category?

No, you can only unlock in the Be Healthier and Be Safer categories.

It is important to remember that the unlock activities still contribute to the 240 points across all three categories: Be Healthier, Be Safer and Be on top of your finances. So the activity you do will reduce the 240 points available.

If I do a fitness assessment in March 2020, will the Active Dayz earned over 80 prior to March be unlocked and points awarded retrospectively?

No, an unlocking activity can only unlock more points going forward, from the date of completing the fitness assessment. Remember though that you can still earn your normal 80 points for your Active Dayz. The fitness assessment unlocks more points over and above the normal 80 points.

If I reach my 80 points for Active Dayz, then go and do a fitness assessment, will I earn points for my fitness assessment?

Yes, the fitness assessment unlocks up to 240 points for more Active Dayz, fitness assessments or elite events.

Can I unlock in two categories and how will this work?

Yes, if you complete a fitness assessment/elite event and TWT safety check, you are unlocked in two categories. This means that you can earn more points for Active Dayz, elite events or travelling Safe Dayz up to the available 240 points across all three categories.