What is Safe Dayz™? 

Safe Dayz™ is a feature available on the Momentum app that helps you measure your safety on the road when you are driving and as a passenger. It also rewards you for your travel-free days. We have introduced it to change the behaviour of road users to help promote safety on the roads. 

How is a travel-free day measured? 

The location settings of your phone need to be on to measure how safe you are. If your phone and GPS are on and you don’t travel anywhere, you will be awarded with a safe day. The allocation of your travel-free days will reflect after 7 days on the app. 

Do I need to download the Momentum app to have Safe Dayz™?   

Yes. Download the Momentum app and activate the Safe Dayz™ feature. When you keep your phone and your GPS location settings on, we can help you track your journey by car, taxi, bus or train and tell you how safe you are. We will also be able to award you a safe day if you have a travel-free day and your phone and GPS settings are on. Plus, you can earn points if you are a Multiply member and a Safety Bonus if you have a car and home insurance policy with Momentum. 

Do I have to be a Momentum car and home insurance client or Multiply member to use the Safe Dayz™ feature? 

No, anyone can use Safe Dayz™ to measure their safety. All you need is a profile on Momentum.co.za and access to the Momentum app. Only Momentum car and home insurance clients can benefit from the Safety Bonus.

I am a Momentum car and home insurance client. Will the data you collect be used against me in the event  of a claim? 

No, Momentum will not use the information collected through Safe Dayz™ against you if you have a claim. It will also not be used to determine your premium at anniversary of your policy. 

Who do I contact if I need help? 

Multiply points queries: [email protected] or 086 188 6600
Safety Bonus or validation queries: [email protected]
Car and home insurance queries: [email protected] or 086 000 6784
Momentum app queries/Safe Dayz™ technical assistance: [email protected] or 0860 99 99 32

Why do I have to keep my location or GPS settings on?  

If your location settings are switched off, the Safe Dayz™ functionality will not be able to record your journey and you’ll miss out on being rewarded with Safe Dayz™. You do not need internet connection for your location settings to work, but you will need mobile data or Wi-Fi for the app to upload your journey information in the background.

When are my Safe Dayz™ calculated?   

Your daily score is calculated the next day, provided that you loaded your data. For example, Wednesday’s daily score will be calculated on Thursday, as long as you were able to connect to the internet on Wednesday night to upload your journeys. The allocation of your travel-free days will reflect after 7 days on the app. 

What if I’m a passenger and not the driver? 

It’s all about your safety, so even if you are the passenger, you can still measure how safe you are while travelling. Your score as a passenger will be based on the behaviour of the driver. Please note your score as a passenger may differ to that of the driver due to the history of information gathered for each individual, software and device differences amongst other factors. 

Do I have to be a Momentum car and home insurance client or a Multiply member to earn rewards? 

Yes. As a Multiply member, you can earn points. As a Momentum car and home insurance client you get a Safety Bonus. This means you can get up to 30% cash back on your premiums every year, even if you claim. 

When does the Safety Bonus pay out?

Your Safety Bonus will pay out within six weeks after the anniversary of your policy. So, if your policy is up for renewal on 31 August, your bonus will be paid into your bank account by 15 October.

How are the Momentum car and home insurance rewards calculated? 

As a Momentum car and home insurance client, you automatically get Multiply Starter membership. When you complete your Safety Score and activate Safe Dayz™, you can then get up to 10% of your premiums back in cash every year, even if you claim.

Example, if you are a Multiply Premier member on Gold status with a Safety Score of 58% and 12 Safe Dayz™, you will earn a Safety Bonus of 5% of your yearly car and home insurance premiums. If you pay R1 000 a month, that’s R600 back in cash!

How will a low Safe Dayz™ score affect me?      

You need a daily score of 60% or more to have a safe day. So, if your daily score is lower than this, you won’t have a safe day, meaning you will miss out on earning Multiply points and a higher Safety Bonus. We believe that knowledge is power, and that by giving you details about your driving habits and safety on the road, we can help you to stay even safer and earn even more rewards.

When will a safe day be allocated?    

If you score 60% or more, your safe day will be awarded and be visible on the app the next day, provided you were able to connect to the internet to upload your journey information. Your journey information is valid for 7 days so it is important to ensure you have internet access for the app to upload your information in the background. 

How does Safe Dayz™ affect my Safety Score?    

Safe Dayz™ does not affect your Safety Score, but influences your Safety Bonus. The more Safe Dayz™ you have and the higher your Safety Score, the more cash you will receive at anniversary of your short-term insurance policy. 

Which Multiply members can earn points for Safe Dayz™? 

Only Multiply Premier members can earn points. 

How many points do I get for a safe day?   

Multiply will reward you with one point for every safe day, with a maximum of 80 Safe Dayz™ points for the year. 

I didn’t get any points for my Safe Dayz™. What could have happened?  

There could be a few reasons why your points are not reflecting:

  1. Your daily score was less than 60% and therefore doesn’t qualify as a safe day.
  2. We didn’t get your journey details and you are still within the 7-day grace period for journeys to be received.
  3. Your daily score hasn’t been calculated yet.
  4. If your daily score is higher than 60% and you’re a Multiply Starter member, you will not earn any points. Only Multiply Premier clients can earn points for having Safe Dayz™.
  5. If you have already received all the points available for the category (limit reached). This will be 80 points allocated to Safe Dayz™ for the year.

How much data will the app use? 

The data usage of this feature is relatively low, because we don’t use data to record your journeys. You only use data when the app automatically uploads your journey to earn Safe Dayz™. So depending on your device, you can expect to use 10MB per month.

How big is the app? 

iOS: approx. 17MB to download
Android: approx. 43MB to download

How much battery is required for the Safe Dayz™ feature to work and will the Safe Dayz™ functionality drain my battery faster? 

This depends on your device, but battery usage is relatively low. Bear in mind that your device’s operating system automatically manages low battery state and your journeys will not record if the battery is low. So make sure your battery is sufficiently charged to fully record journeys.

Do I need to uninstall the whole Momentum app to stop Safe Dayz™ from tracking my journeys? 

No, you can simply deactivate Safe Dayz™ from the app menu under settings.

What happens if my phone is stolen? Can I install the app on another device, or can only one device be tracked? 

You can install the app on another device, log in with your existing Momentum username and password, and your journeys will automatically upload. 

Can I active Safe Dayz™ on my tablet? 

The Safe Dayz™ functionality is built for smartphones specifically due to the hardware requirements.

Which mobile phones or devices are not supported? 

Most devices support Safe Dayz™. Some of the devices listed below  are inconsistent when recording journeys while others are incompatible. 

  • Huawei devices
  • Samsung J series
  • Xiaomi devices
  • One Plus devices
  • ZTE devices
  • Mobicel devices
  • Vivo devices
  • CAT Devices

Android operating systems below version 5.0 no longer support the feature. Please update your Android operating system to version 5.0 or higher in order to record journeys optimally.

When will a journey start to record? 

Your journeys should record when your car is in motion. Notifications may be delayed depending on the device and its GPS. You can confirm the accuracy of the recording under map view on the app when reviewing your journey score.

Why do my journeys start recording late?   

This depends on your device’s hardware.

Why are you recording my aeroplane journeys?

The Safe Dayz™ feature will record any movement, as the GPS triggers the recording.
We advise that your phone be set to “flight mode” while flying, then the journey won’t be recorded.
We will not exclude these journeys from the calculation of your daily score as the above mentioned step should have been applied.


Why does GPS sometimes show me in the wrong place? 

Many things can negatively affect GPS positioning accuracy. Common causes include:

  • Satellite signal blockage due to buildings, bridges, trees, etc.
  • Indoor or underground use
  • Signals reflected off buildings or walls (“multipath”) 

Far less common causes may include:

  • Radio interference or jamming
  • Major solar storms
  • Satellite maintenance/manoeuvres creating temporary gaps in coverage
  • Improperly designed devices that do not comply with GPS interface specifications

How does the Safe Dayz™ feature know that I’m using the train?   

The Safe Dayz™ feature is able to identify your location that would include railway tracks at the time of recording. 

I used the train but my full journey is not displaying. Why is this? 

This depends on your GPS and signal. When you enter an underground tunnel, your journey will end and as soon as you exit the underground tunnel, a new journey will start to record. 

My train journeys are reflecting as road journeys ? 

Please report the incident to us, by sending screen shots of your journeys to [email protected]  and our mobile helpdesk team will investigate. 

What will happen if my phone’s memory is full?  

While the app doesn’t use much space on your device, it’s important to keep some space available to record all your journeys.

Why are my journeys not recording? 

iOS users:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services. Make sure the Momentum app is on the list and the option is changed to “Always”.
  2. Check if your low power mode is off because this can affect the recording of your journey. This will have an impact on the recordings as the Momentum app will not get the location permissions it needs.
  3. Go to settings > General > Background app refresh and make sure it is on and that the Momentum app is also switched on. 

If the Momentum app is not on the location services list, please follow these steps:

  1. Update the Momentum app to the latest version available on the App store
  2. Open the Momentum app
  3. Click on the Menu button (three stripes on the top left-hand corner)
  4. Select Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Click on the question: “Which settings need to be enabled…”
  6. It should then prompt you to ask for permission and use the location service
  7. Click on “Always allow”

Samsung users:

  1. Go to settings > Application manager/ Apps > Select Momentum > Select Permissions. Make sure the app has got permission to use the location and storage.
  2. Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery (“Mid” or “Max” must not be selected, only “Off”)
  3. Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery . Scroll down to the bottom and select “Always sleeping apps”. If Momentum is on the list, select the app by holding down on it until selected and choose “Delete”.
  4. Go to Settings > Connections > Location > Choose “High accuracy”.

Huawei users:

  1. Settings > Apps> Tap on Momentum > Permissions > Storage and Location needs to be enabled.
  2. Go to Settings > Apps > Momentum > Battery. This will open “Battery usage details” for the application. You will see “App Launch” under Settings section. This should say “Manage manually”. If not, select App Launch > Turn off Manage automatically > Tap OK > Turn off Power-intensive prompt.
  3. Settings > Battery > Power saver and Ultra Power saver should be disabled.
  4. Settings > Battery > Launch > Under “Manage all automatically”, deactivate Momentum app, i.e. set on manual activation.
  5. Settings > Advanced Settings > Location Mode > GPS must be on high accuracy or press and hold down the location icon and it will open up by location mode to set it to high accuracy.

Other Android users:

  1. Go to settings > Application manager/ Apps > Select Momentum > Select Permissions – Make sure the app has got permission to use the location and storage.
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Location method > High Accuracy (GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks). (The steps will vary from device to device).
  3. Please check that your phone is not on battery save/ power save mode. This will have affect the recordings, as the app would not get the location permissions it needs.

Which components will affect my journey score?

  1. Time of day score: This score is based on the time of the day that you travel. Accidents are more likely to happen if you drive at night or during peak hours. To get a top score, avoid driving late at night or during peak times. It is still possible to earn score 60% for your journey even if you travel at peak times. 
  2. Relative speed score: Relative speed calculates your speed when travelling on a specific section of a road at a specific time, and then compares it with the speed of other drivers. It’s possible to have a high speed score, but a low relative speed score. For example, if you drive at 110km/h on a highway, but the average speed there is 100km/h you will score low for relative speed.
  3. Familiarity score: This measures the number of times you have travelled on a particular road in the past month, more than a month ago and within the past year, to determine how familiar you are with the route. When drivers use the same route consistently they become aware of their surroundings and the flow of traffic on the route. The more familiar your route, the safer you are and the higher your score.  If you’re new to using the app, your familiarity score will be lower at first until a history has been built up. 
  4. Smoothness score: This score is calculated based on how consistent you drive, especially when approaching corners. Consistent smooth driving allows you to react quicker in hazardous situations, thereby reducing your accident risk.         
  5. Speeding score: The speed score measures whether you are exceeding the speed limit of the road you are on. Make sure you stay within the road speed limit to get the best score.
  6. Acceleration score: Try to accelerate gradually as taking off quickly could result in losing control of the car and a higher accident risk.     
  7. Deceleration score: Try to brake gradually because harsh braking could result in a higher accident risk 

Where should I keep my phone when I’m driving? 

Place your phone securely so it does not move and distract you while driving. Another factor to consider is smash and grab, so keep your phone out of sight.

My husband and I travelled on the same road in the same vehicle, but we got different scores. How did this happen?

  • There could be various reasons for this, including your device’s GPS functionality being different.
  • Another possibility could be that you or your husband travels more frequently on that particular road and your familiarity score could be higher, resulting in a difference in journey score.
  • The recording may not start at the exact same time or location, so the distance, acceleration, deceleration, smoothness may be different as it measures now from a different starting point.

What happens if I use my car and the train?   

Your journeys will be recorded separately as two journeys. You will automatically get a 100% score for the train journey. Your car journey score will be allocated according to your driving behaviour. 

How long will it take for a journey to upload onto my Momentum app so that I can see my score?   Your score will reflect on the app a few minutes after your journey has ended, as long as you have mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Why is the app displaying invalid journeys? 

On this view of invalid journeys, you will see journeys which did not meet the criteria of being a valid journey which could be scored. They therefore don’t count towards your daily score calculation.

Do I need to upload journeys manually?   

Journeys are uploaded automatically after a journey has ended, provided you are connected to the internet.

How many journeys will upload at a time?   

Each journey on your phone will upload automatically as soon as it ends and provided you have internet connection. Your safe day will be allocated the following day. Remember, travel-free days will appear after 7 days. 

How long will journey data be kept by the app in case I have no network coverage?   

The app can keep journey data for as long as you choose, as long as your device’s memory allows. When you are able to upload your data, only the last 7 days will be used to calculate your daily score. 

Who do I contact for Safe Dayz™ queries?  

For Safe Dayz™ reward queries, email [email protected] or call 0861 88 66 00.

For technical queries or app support, email [email protected] or call 0860 99 99 32.  

What is the Momentum Safety Score?

The Momentum Safety Score, a tool made up of three simple questionnaires, is designed to help measure your personal, car, home and environment safety. It also makes suggestions on how you can improve your safety.


Do I need to be a Momentum client to do the safety questionnaire?    

You don’t have to be a Momentum client to do the safety questionnaire, but to benefit from the Safety Bonus, you will have to be a Momentum car and home insurance policyholder. Your safety bonus will be higher if you are a Multiply member.


Do I need to complete the safety questionnaire? 

Yes. Your Safety Score is important to boost your Safety Bonus and to be more aware of the safety measure you have in place.


How often must I complete the safety questionnaire?   

Improving your safety is important to us, so you should update your safety questionnaire whenever your circumstances change to reflect your current status. This will also influence your Safety Score. As a Multiply member, you need to complete your safety questionnaire at least once a year to earn points. As a Momentum car and home insurance client, your Safety Score is valid for a year, so you need to complete it at least once a year to continue earning rewards.


Why do I have to validate my answers? 

Validating your answers not only proves that you are as safe as your safety questionnaire indicates, but also ensures that the Safety Bonus you get is fair to you and all other Momentum car and home insurance clients.  By validating your safety, you will increase your Safety Score thus boosting your potential rewards.


How do I validate my Safety Score?  

You can upload photos or receipts and certificates of the various safety features that you have implemented in your various environments as proof in order to validate. 

Do my validations expire? 

Yes, your validations are valid for one year.


When does the Safety Bonus pay out?   

Your Safety Bonus will pay out within six weeks after the anniversary of your policy. So, if your policy is up for renewal on 31 August, your bonus will be paid into your bank account by 15 October. 

If I have a Momentum car and home insurance claim, will my Safety Bonus be affected?  

No, your claims history has no influence on your Safety Bonus and you will get your cash back even if you claim.


Why did I not get my activation points?

Activation points are only awarded on the first activation of Safe Dayz™.