What is the Momentum Safety Score?

The Momentum Safety Score, an innovative tool made up of three simple questionnaires, is designed to help measure your personal, car, home and environment safety. It also makes suggestions on how you can improve your safety.

Do I need to be a Momentum client to do the safety questionnaire?

You don’t have to be a Momentum client to do the safety questionnaire, but to benefit from the cashback bonus, you will have to be a Momentum car and home insurance policyholder. Your cashback bonus will be higher if you are a Multiply member.

Do I need to complete the safety questionnaire?

Yes. Your Safety Score is important to boost your cashback bonus and to be more aware of the safety measure you have in place.

How often must I complete the safety questionnaire?

Improving your safety is important to us, so you should update your safety questionnaire whenever your circumstances change to reflect your current status. This will also influence your Safety Score. As a Multiply member, you need to complete your safety questionnaire at least once a year to earn points. As a Momentum car and home insurance client, your Safety Score is valid for a year, so you need to complete it once a year to continue earning rewards.