Unlock a world of more money

You can access your money anytime on the Multiply Money app, our website and on your cellphone by dialling *120*685#. You can also set and track your own personal savings goals, view your progress, and get prompts to help you stay on track with your goal on the Multiply Money app.

Multiply Money App


View all the money you save, receive and deposit into your wallets. Also check your banking details so that you can make direct deposits.


Transfer money between your wallets and to your HealthSaver when you need it.


Track the progress of your personalised savings goals.


Spend your money by making mobile payments at qualifying retailers or sending money to other Multiply Money users.


Manage your Multiply Money Card and savings goals.

Multiply Money USSD

Dial *120*685# to access your money

Accessing money on your cellphone gives you the convenience of managing and using your money directly from your cellphone 24 hours a day – No special downloads or apps required.

What can I do with the Cellphone channel?

  • View your wallet balances
  • Manage your Multiply Money card
  • Spend your money at our retail partners
  • Transfer money between wallets
  • Send money to other Multiply Money users

Accessing Multiply Money on our website

You can view your Multiply Money wallets, apply for and manage your Multiply Money card on our website. Simply log in to your profile using the same details you use for your Multiply and Momentum profiles and navigate to the Multiply Money section.