Multiply Money App

Unlock a world of more money.

The Multiply Money app lets you manage and use Multiply Money anywhere, anytime. It’s a convenient way to transfer money from your Multiply Money savings wallet to your payment wallet, spend your cashbacks and manage your Multiply Money Card.


What can I do with the Multiply Money app?

  1. View Multiply Money wallets

    Check your Multiply Money wallet balances and transactions to see the cashbacks you have, the interest you’ve earned, and what you’ve spent.
  2. Spend your cashbacks

    • Get ready to spend by transferring money between your Multiply Money savings wallet to your payment wallet.
    • Shop till you drop by spending your cashbacks at a wide range of stores using the mobile payment option.
    • Become everyone’s favourite by sending money to family and friends who also have Multiply Money.
  3. Manage your Multiply Money Card

    • Set a 3D Secure PIN to use your Multiply Money Card to pay for online transactions.
    • Reset your PIN, stop your card or reorder a new card.

Is it safe?

We take security and the protection of your data seriously and use the same security measures as banks to protect your personal information. All information is stored and transmitted in an encrypted form. We regularly perform security vulnerability assessments using independent specialists to ensure we maintain the highest level of security.

How do I get the Multiply Money app?

  • Download the Multiply Money app from your app store, available on Android and iOS.
  • Log in with your existing credentials or register using the app.