Multiply Visa® Card

Your Multiply Visa® Card gives you instant access to the funds in your Momentum HealthSaver account. No more out-of-pocket expenses while you wait for your HealthSaver claim to be processed. Pay for medical expenses: As a Momentum Health member, you can now swipe your card at a healthcare provider, pharmacy or even a vet in South Africa using the funds in your Momentum HealthSaver account.

More about HealthSaver and Multiply

HealthSaver is a free healthcare savings account available to all Momentum Health members. HealthSaver is flexible, making it simple and easy to save for additional medical expenses not covered by your Momentum Health membership. You can choose the amount you want to contribute according to your own needs and pocket.

With Multiply and Momentum Health, you can earn up to R2 500 per family per month in HealthReturns every month, which you can use to top up your HealthSaver.

What do I need to qualify for a Multiply Visa® Card?

1. A Momentum Health membership

2. An activated HealthSaver account

3. A Multiply membership

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