We understand that you want to give your family, especially your children, the best in life to help them create the brightest future possible. With this in mind, we have negotiated special discounts with A+Students by an amazing mathematics skills development course that helps any child understand mathematics in a new way. Using a traditional Japanese method, where children are taught with an abacus or Soroban, they begin to love mathematics because they 'see' it. Courses are taught by specially trained teachers, also called "Senseis". The course is offered to children aged 3 to 11 years. 

How do I get it?


  • Visit aplusstudents.co.za to find a teacher Sensei closest to you.
  • Download and complete the registration form available on A+ students and send it to the Sensei.
  • The relevant fee (after Multiply discount) is paid and the child can start the course.
  • The monthly fees are paid to the Sensei at the end of each month.

Using the benefit:

  • Books and materials required throughout the course will be invoiced by the Sensei.
  • You will pay the discounted amount to the Sensei and the books or material will be handed over to your child.
  • This benefit is available to the main member’s child dependents.
  • There will be no limits on the number of children that can obtain the discounts for one Multiply member, as long as the children are dependents on the Multiply contract.
  • The discounts do not apply to the course fees.


Ordering replacement books or material:

  • If books or material have been damaged you can reorder them at a 20% discount.
  • The request must be made to the Sensei who will invoice you and you can pay the Sensei.


Standard A+Students Ts & Cs apply.
Click here for Multiply Ts & Cs.