Clicks is South Africa’s leading health, beauty, home and wellness retailer, with more than 700 stores. The Clicks ClubCard loyalty programme is one of the oldest and most rewarding retail loyalty programmes with over 8 million active members!


This benefit is not applicable to Starter members. Upgrade to Multiply Premier to start enjoying Clicks rewards.


This benefit is not applicable to Provider members. Upgrade to Multiply Premier to start enjoying Clicks rewards.



Your discount will depend on your status:



You get cashbacks on the first R2 000 that you spend per month at Clicks, as a family and single member. This is your combined spend limit for our health and beauty partners.

All statuses will get double Clicks ClubCard points, up to the maximum allowed.

Example: If you are on Private Club status and spend R2 000 a month at Clicks, you will get R200 in cashbacks & double Clicks ClubCard points.

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How do I get it?

You need to belong to Momentum Multiply and Clicks ClubCard to qualify and you need to activate the benefit to earn cashbacks.

  • To activate the benefit:
    • Log into and navigate to the Clicks activation page.
    • Enter your Clicks ClubCard number and click Activate Now.
    • Your details will be verified and successful activation will be confirmed.


Using the benefit:

  • To get cashbacks, simply swipe your Clicks ClubCard (or make use of your Clicks app) before you pay. 
  • Your cashbacks are paid into your Multiply Money savings wallet within 7 days.
  • View your cashbacks statement here
  • This benefit is available to main members and partners on Multiply Premier.
  • You will also automatically get double Clicks ClubCard points on your purchases. This will be calculated and paid on all qualifying spend every two months: Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov.
  • Cashbacks will be awarded based on your Multiply status.
  • Multiply reserves the right at any time to exempt certain products from earning cashbacks at its discretion.
  • Cashbacks can only be earned for purchases made at Clicks stores and not at any of their affiliated partners.
  • At Clicks, items excluded from earning cashbacks include, but are not limited to, as prohibited by legislation:
    • prescription medicine and pharmaceutical goods
    • plastic bags
    • redemption of vouchers or benefit cards or gift cards or loyalty cards
    • baby or nutritional formula
    • baby bottles and baby teethers

Standard Clicks Ts & Cs apply.

Click here for Multiply Ts & Cs.