The time you spend being active and getting fit should be your time – a time you feel comfortable, blissful and completely in your element. Curves gives you this me-time by offering fitness and nutrition solutions created especially for women of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes. The Curves 30-minute workouts combine strength training, cardio and stretching, target every major muscle group and can burn up to 2 000 kilojoules. Sisters unite! And earn those Active Dayz™ with Curves and Multiply.

How do I get it?

  • You must take your Smart ID card or green bar-coded ID and Multiply membership card to the Curves health club of your choice.
  • When you apply with Curves please note that you will be asked to: 
  • Complete an application form. 
    • Provide Curves with your banking details for their direct collection of your monthly gym debit order.
    • Note that Curves will collect your monthly debit order on the first of every month. If you joined Curves in the middle of a month, the next month’s premium will include the additional first month’s pro-rated premium.
Using the benefit
  • Curves health clubs are for women only.
  • The benefit is based on the standard 12 or 24-month membership contract, which varies by club type and does not apply to any membership specials that Curves may run. 


Standard Curves Ts & Cs apply.
Click here for Multiply Ts & Cs.