It’s your body. You only have one, take care of it. That means giving it the right fuel and making sure that you stay active. Our bodies were designed to be on the move, to burn energy. More and more studies are showing the dangers of being inactive. Tracking devices, coaching devices and heart monitors combine technology with fitness so that you can get to where you want to be. So whether you’re a serious trainer, a sportsman or a beginner, a tracking device or heart monitor can partner with you to achieve your goals. Polar brings you the best innovation in technology and heart monitors – and we bring it to you for less.


You get 7.5% in discounts or cashbacks on Polar products.

Discounts or Cashbacks


Your discount or cashbacks will depend on your level:

Discounts or Cashbacks

Discounts or Cashbacks


Your discount or cashbacks will depend on your status:

Discounts or Cashbacks

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  • Payment must be made with a valid South African Master or Visa credit card or your Multiply Money payment wallet.
  • Purchases will be delivered to your specified physical address within 7 working days. Please note that a business address is preferable.
  • The delivery fee is R75 for all physical products.
  • All quoted prices include VAT.
  • If you select the discount, your payment due will reflect the discounted amount. If you select cashbacks, you will pay the full amount.
  • If you are a Multiply Premier member your discounts and cashbacks available in any calendar year from January to December will always depend on your Multiply status.
  • Your purchases are subject to a R30 000 annual spend limit per family, or R20 000 annual spend limit for a single member on Premier. Once you have reached this limit, the discounts or cashbacks received will be the same as Multiply Starter members.
  • Just remember that it is the full retail price and not the discounted price of your purchase that counts toward the spend limit. If you choose cashbacks instead of discounts, the full retail price you pay will count towards your spend limit.
  • No spending limit applies to members on Multiply Starter.
  • If you select cashbacks, your cashbacks will be transferred into your Multiply Money savings wallet within 24 hours.
  • View the cashbacks that have been paid into your Multiply Money savings wallet.
  • If you have a Multiply online shop query please call us on 0861 88 66 00 or email your query to [email protected]

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