For us, Financial Wellness is about making it easier for you to plan and manage your financial matters. From your savings, to SARS, we don’t believe that anything financial should cause you stress or anxiety. Through TaxTim’s digital interactive tax return you will be able to file your tax return with confidence – quickly, easily and correctly. The unique dialogue approach means you will be asked questions in plain English, not complicated tax terminology, helping you to better understand your tax return. Plus, the service is integrated with SARS eFiling, which means that your tax return can be submitted directly to SARS on your behalf. TaxTim offers help to salaried individuals, people who earn commission, freelancers, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs.

How do I get it?

How to get it:

  • Go to the TaxTim website.​
  • Register by creating your user profile and start your journey.
  • Choose the package that is most suited to you.
  • Enter your Multiply Client or ID number. Your discount of 100% will be automatically calculated.
  • You can then proceed with linking your SARS eFiling account to TaxTim.
  • Answer simple questions online. TaxTim uses your answers to complete your tax return instantly and professionally while making sure that you are claiming for all the deductions applicable to you and that your return meets SARS compliance regulations.
  • Once completed, TaxTim submits your tax return to SARS for you with just one click.

Using the benefit:

  • All Multiply members qualify for free tax submissions using TaxTim.​
  • When clicking on the more information link, a screen will show where members will need to insert their Multiply Client or ID number in order for them to be validated by TaxTim.
  • Should you experience any issues on the TaxTim website, please send TaxTim an email via the TaxTim helpdesk on their website.

Standard TaxTim Ts & Cs apply.
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