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From 1 July you’ll access all your benefits and rewards on the Multiply app and not on Log in to the app to see your profile.

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Your world of wellness is waiting

Get rewarded from day one for looking after your health with Multiply.

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Multiply gives you more!

Your small wins can earn you big rewards with Multiply partners.

Wellness at your fingertips

Take your wellness journey to the next level. Know your health by doing health and fitness assessments. Know what to do through personalised health goals and tips from the Digital Coach tool. PLUS, get rewarded for every step you take to become healthier.

Know your health

Knowing how healthy you are is the first step to a healthier body and mind.

Start your wellness journey by completing a Lifestyle Quiz and health and fitness assessments.

Create healthy habits

Get inspired to improve the way you eat, sleep, move, breathe, and connect.

Track your progress on the app and get rewarded when you achieve your personalised health goals.

Score rewards for improving your health

It’s important to look after your physical and mental health. Get rewarded for every step you take to become healthier.


Score rewards for improving your health.

Check out Multiply Inspire Plus members Jeff and Joe to see how much you could be getting back each month!
These case studies are for illustrative purposes. Monthly rewards are based on your health and fitness assessment results and the activities completed on Multiply Inspire Plus.

Small steps, BIG change!
Start your wellness journey today

Calculate your monthly savings from your favourite brands.

Boost your partner rewards as you improve your health and fitness levels. To find out how much you could be saving, try out our rewards calculator.

You qualify for Multiply Inspire Plus!

Use our calculator below to see how much you could get back in cashbacks each month!

You qualify for Multiply Engage Plus!

Use our calculator below to see how much you could get back in cashbacks each month!

Not very healthy
Super healthy
Not very healthy
Balanced diet
Not very healthy
Super active
I’m stressed out
I’m balanced!
Pick 'n Pay
R10 000+
Protea Hotels
R10 000+
Pro Shop
R10 000+
Virgin Active
Planet Fitness
Zone Fitness
R10 000+

Your estimated monthly savings on Multiply Inspire Plus

Momentum Inspire
per month
Everyday partners
Travel partners
Online partners
Gym partners

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