What is a fitness assessment?

A fitness assessment is far more than a simple validation of your current fitness level. It’s a significant and informative measure of your health. The fitter you are, the healthier you are and the longer you’re likely to live in comparison to less fit individuals.

For this reason, the enhanced Multiply fitness assessment has only included measures which research has shown to be associated with health and longevity. This fitness assessment is backed by research and was developed by the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, and the University of Cape Town, our partners.

A Multiply fitness assessment is an alternative to getting Active Dayz™ - useful for members who live an active lifestyle but are unable to track it.

For only R420 and 30 minutes of your time, you will get your fitness level and expert advice from a health professional. The enhanced fitness assessment results will be valid for 12 months, so now, you only need to complete your fitness assessment once a year.


Momentum rewards

If you are a Momentum Medical Scheme member or have Momentum Myriad life insurance, you will get cash back and discounts based on your Multiply status, Healthy Heart Score and number of Active Dayz™ or fitness level. Get up to 60% off Myriad premiums and up to R3 000 per month back in HealthReturns+.


You pay only R420 for your Multiply fitness assessment.


After your assessment, you’ll earn the following points, depending on the fitness level achieved:


What to expect when you go for a fitness assessment?

  • What will be measured?
    • Body composition – Multiply body fat %
    • Muscle strength – Handgrip (required), 1min push-up (optional)*  *if both is done, your best result will be used.
    • Cardiorespiratory Fitness - Your health professional will choose the tests best suited to you
  • Wear comfortable clothing, like track pants, tights or shorts and running or walking shoes.
  • Take your gym towel.
  • You will receive comprehensive feedback and an overall fitness level (between 1 – 5) which can be printed and or emailed to you.
  • Do not train on the day of the fitness assessments, as it might impact your overall score.

The enhanced Multiply fitness assessment

The Multiply fitness assessment is one of the ways you can earn points and rewards. Plus, it gives you a measurable way to know whether your physical activity is working for you and your health.