What is Weekly Wins?

Meet your weekly target to get a Weekly Win.

We all know consistency is key when it comes to living a healthy life. Weekly Wins rewards Multiply Premier members for consistent physical activity. Achieve your weekly activity target using your device and get a treat!

Weekly Wins is not applicable to Multiply Starter members. Upgrade to Multiply Premier now to be in it to win it!



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Weekly Wins partners

Start earning Weekly Wins

Link your fitness tracking device to your profile 

Only the Active Dayz™ you earn by walking 10 000 steps and burning 300 calories will be counted towards Weekly Wins. Elite events and Parkruns will also count towards Weekly Wins.

Sync your device to track your Weekly Wins 

Sync your device at least once a week (by Sunday) on your FitVault app, or device manufacturer app (Samsung health, Garmin Connect, etc.).

Choose your treat from our Weekly Wins partners  

Once you have achieved a weekly win, you can choose a treat from one of our Weekly Wins partners.

Please note: Treats are valid for only 14 days from the date of issue.