One card, two ways to use it

The Multiply Money Card makes it easy to spend your money smartly. Your shopping experience just got a whole lot faster with the contactless Multiply Money Card. Just tap and pay for purchases less than R500.

By linking your card to both your HealthSaver and Multiply Money payment wallet, you will automatically use the money in your HealthSaver account when you swipe your card at healthcare providers, and the money in your payment wallet will be used when you swipe your card anywhere else.

1. Spend your money

You can use your card in-store or online anywhere in South Africa to spend the money in your Multiply Money payment wallet. Remember to transfer money from your savings wallet to your payment wallet before making a purchase.

2. Pay for medical expenses

If you’re a Momentum Medical Scheme member or a member of another qualifying medical scheme, you can swipe your card at a healthcare provider, pharmacy or even a vet in South Africa to use the funds in your HealthSaver.

Apply for the Multiply Money Card

Do I qualify for a Multiply Money Card?

  • Multiply Premier members who have Multiply Money can apply for the card.
  • HealthSaver account holders with any Multiply membership can also apply for the card.


Apply online Call us on 0860 111 183


Conveniently link your card to your HealthSaver and your Multiply Money Payment wallet using the Multiply Money app.