Multiply Money On Your Cellphone


Dial *120*685# to easily manage your money



Our Cellphone channel gives you the convenience of managing and using Multiply Money 24/7 on your phone. It’s an easy and safe way to watch your savings balance grow, transfer money from your Multiply Money savings wallet to your payment wallet, spend your cashbacks and manage your Multiply Money Card. No special downloads or apps are required – all you need is your handset and a Multiply Money account to get started.


What can I do with the Cellphone channel?

  • View your Multiply Money wallet balances
  • Transfer money between your Multiply Money savings wallet and payment wallet
  • Spend your cashbacks at a wide range of retailers using the mobile payment option
  • Send money to family and friends who also have Multiply Money
  • Manage your Multiply Money Card

What it costs

You will not be charged any sign-up or monthly subscription fees. However, standard network rates and Multiply Money fees apply for selected transactions.

How do I get it?

Simply dial *120*MUL# (*120*685#) and follow the prompts to register your unique USSD PIN.