SkillUp is one of the leading online tutoring platforms in South Africa that services students across the country from Grade 1 to Grade 12. They currently have over 130 tutors and approximately 10 000 students. Get easily accessible help for your children from the comfort and safety of your own home.



Discount not applicable.


Discount not applicable.

Fixed Discount


Get 10% off each online tutoring session, regardless of your status. 

Fixed Discount

How do i get it?

Using the benefit: 

  • Click here to register and set up a profile. 
  • Once your profile is set up, go to the Find a Tutor page. 
  • Choose the subject, price, grade and location. 
  • Choose a tutor and contact them using the enquiry form.  
  • Once you are happy with the tutor, you can then schedule the lesson and make payment online.

Benefit rules: 

  • This benefit is only available to the main member, partner and dependants on the Multiply Premier contract. 
  • Multiply members are not allowed to transfer the benefit to non-Multiply members. 
  • All tutoring sessions must be booked and paid for on the SkillUp website. 
  • Your discount will apply to all tutoring sessions booked on the SkillUp website. 
  • The Multiply discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other applicable discounts. 
  • There is no annual spend limit applied to this benefit. 
  • You will no longer have access to this benefit if you cancel your Multiply membership. 
  • Please contact Multiply or SkillUp if your discount is not applied correctly. 
  • Standard SkillUp Ts & Cs
  • Click here for Multiply Ts & Cs


Frequently Asked Questions :


Can I pay via debit order?

No, payment can only be made via EFT, credit card or SnapScan for each lesson.

What must I do if the discount does not pull through?

First check to see if you still have an active Multiply membership. If you do, please contact SkillUp to solve the issue.

Do I need to use the same tutor all the time?

No, if you are not comfortable with a tutor and their method then you can choose another tutor.