Zone Fitness Clubs

Unlock your unique potential at Zone Fitness Clubs, with state-of-the-art facilities, comprehensive aerobic instruction, studios and professional trainers. Zone Fitness Clubs provides affordable and personal membership packages in 25 un-intimidating clubs across the country, making health and fitness more accessible to everyone. 


The Zone Fitness Clubs benefit is not available to members on Multiply Starter. Upgrade to Multiply Premier.


The Zone Fitness Clubs benefit is not available to members on Multiply Provider. Upgrade to Multiply Premier.

Fixed Discount

Fixed Discount


Get a discount of 45%

Fixed Discount


You get a fixed discount of 45% when you sign up for a 12 month SuperClub or SingleClub membership with Zone Fitness Clubs.

Additional benefits: No minimum gym visits are required, i.e. your discount will not be calculated according to the number of times you attended gym.


Active Dayz™
In addition to your discounted membership fee, your physical activity also earns you great rewards. Every gym session will earn you one active day. Active Dayz™ together with your Healthy Heart Score and status on Multiply Premier will earn you great financial rewards.


How do I get it?

  • You must take your Smart ID card or green bar-coded ID and Multiply membership card to the Zone Fitness Club of your choice. 
  • When you apply with Zone Fitness Clubs, you will need to: 
    • Complete a membership agreement.  
    • Provide Zone Fitness Clubs with your banking details for their direct collection of your monthly gym debit order.
    • Pay your R100 card and joining fee 
  • Note that Zone Fitness Clubs will collect your monthly debit order on the last or first working day of every month, depending on the branch you join. If you joined Zone Fitness Clubs in the middle of a month, you can start using the facilities immediately, at no cost, and your first installment will only be at the end of the month. 
Using the benefit:
  • The benefit is based on the standard 12 month membership contract rate, and does not apply to any membership specials that Zone Fitness Clubs may run. 
  • This benefit is available to Multiply Premier main members and partners only. Adult and child dependants are excluded. 
  • This benefit is available to new Zone Fitness Clubs members only


Standard Zone Fitness Clubs Ts & Cs apply.
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