Spend your cashbacks

Get anytime access to your cashbacks - You can immediately spend your cashbacks as soon as you transfer them to your Multiply Money payment wallet. 

Spend your cashbacks anywhere in South Africa using your Multiply Money Card or use your Multiply Money app to make mobile payments at our selected retail partners. You can also spend your cashbacks on the Multiply online shop, using Multiply Money as a method of payment.


If you don’t use all the cashbacks in your payment wallet, transfer the cashbacks back to your savings wallet to continue earning interest.


Four ways to spend your cashbacks

Make mobile payments at selected retailers using the Multiply Money app.

Swipe your Multiply Money Card everywhere in South Africa to pay for your purchases – in-store or online. 

Pay on the Multiply online shop using your Multiply Money payment wallet as a payment option.

Send money to friends and family who also have Multiply Money using the Multiply Money app.